Thursday, December 09, 2004


Finished one final and have one more to go today. I am inbetween classes and I do not want to study for the second exam. It is probably because I am thirsty for what brings true life. This is just an eye opener that knowledge and wisdom alone does not bring true satisfaction. There is so much more than that. I am so grateful that I am aware that school alone and the success of school alone cannot satisfy. So with saying that I pray this morning......

I thank you for another day, another opportunity to live on this earth. Lord I ask that I don't miss you today. Open my ears and my heart to you. I spend this time before you when I could be mastering my studies. Lord I desire you over everything else. Again, only you can satisfy. I pray that you would fill me with your presence. I want to be more like you. Lord teach me your ways today. Pour out your love and mercy so that I will be able to show the same. Speak to me Lord and guide my path. Bring your joy and peace, even if everything else fails today. Lord I put my trust in you. I ask for your favor in remembering the information that I learned this semester. Thank you for guiding me through an awesome learning experience