Friday, March 25, 2005

This is for David

This is Kinda Ironic. David is missing me posting on my blog. And So it is funny because he is sitting right here with me as I blog after several months. The last post as you can see was the 11th of January and I was "Doing Good". I once again am doing good. Very busy though. Just got done with College group tonight and it went well. In the beginning process of the splitting of the group. But a good split. Not forever forgetting each other. We will be getting together at the end of the month. I keep praying for this group. I don't know exactly what is going to happen but I sense a great thing. Just yesterday We dropped Lizzie off at the airport and I have never experienced a farewell like one with Lizzie. She was so sad to have to go back home. I nearly cried. I know God has a perfect plan for her life. So Lizzie, "may God bless you and protect you and continue to guide you" She was such a blessing from God to come here and share "life" with us. VLI is at break right now and I am very much enjoying it. All of us who are doing the class have sacrificed so much and have worked so hard. We all are doing a great job and getting to know each other better has been a blessing in itself. Looking forward to meeting again. But not as much to these next couple weeks off. I know we need it.
God is continuing to show me things as far as leadership and things he wants me to change. I am in an awesome process of change right now. I really feel his strength. I am very excited to see what else he does. Keep praying that he will keep doing what he needs to do in our lives.