Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The world of Theology

How head spinning is reading some theology of the bible. I recently bought a commentary on the Acts by F.F. Bruce and right away he starts talking about all of the possible theories certain passages of scripture could have. These certain passages are those that nobody will ever truely know. For example, the question of who Theophilus was in Acts chapter one. There are 4 to 5 theories on what Luke was thinking. Was Theophilus a real person?, Bruce is leaning towards yes, Luke did know Theophilus and was dedicating this book to him. And I can go on, but it gets me dizzy. Know I know what God meant by the wisdom of this world, is that really necessary? In my opinion trying to argue an opinion that cannot be considered truth is not what I want to spend most of my time on like so many theologeans have done. I want to be able to balance the development of wisdom through study, but still be mainly conscered with the love and outpouirng of the love of Jesus. And that I am able to do tonight. Studying trying to delelop more of an understanding of gods kingdom and putting it into practice, which is what will be done tonight when we meet for prayer and worship here at my house. Lord let your will be done tonight. By the way, things are going really well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More pondering

The continuation of the start of another week and let me tell you it is difficult to discipline you to time with the Lord when you are tired. Coming off of a weekend of staying up really late has its toll on you the next week. A lot of blessings. Friday night college/career group went beautifully. We are focusing on prayer, and waiting on gods spirit to back up the activities of our group and let me tell you God showed up on Friday night. It was an experience that I have missed. It was great to worship God through song and prayer.
This week trying to commit to sitting before the Lord has been good but difficult. The hardest today. The distraction. The t.v. There were a lot of sporting events today and I think I watched most of every single one. It was a nice break, because I didn't have to work much today but i think it was too much. Spiritually I think my connection with God suffered. But God is still inspiring me to press on and seek him. Tommorrow will be a better day. I am going to say no to as much t.v tomorrow. Excited for this coming friday when the married group and the college/carrer group meet. We are going to have pizza and enjoy the fellowship amongst one another. Looking forward to it. Be praying for that event. I think it is going to be powerful.
Things I am hoping that God will continue to do in me.

-change my habits (discipline)prayer, time, positive activities vs negative activities (example, which is the biggest one-too much t.v)
"I think as of now, I have too much time on my hands. But that will change come next week"
-continue to breath his spirit on me (only through prayer, devotion, time)
-Help me to lead the college/career group (in spirit and in truth)

Things to pray for

-Group and our prayer/devotion time with God, worship time. I am praying like with myself, that we can say no to the things that prevent us from seeking him (t.v) and just seek him. With our whole hearts.
-For people to interact with our group. Relationships built, Jesus shared, and people connecting with our group, or other church groups that we have connections with. Lord draw people.
-Pray that a bond would happen this friday, and that the enemy would stay out of any feelings of division amongst the college/career group and the married group.
-my personal training hours. (I need more hours of work) not enough clients right now.
-For worship this friday
-for church this sunday(pastors, leaders, people)
Thank you father, I lay all of this before you and trust that you are going to continue to do a work in this areas.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Can it Be?

Can today be another great day?
If I start it and end it with God it most definately can. I have been getting busier and busier lately with Job picking up thankfully, 4 possible new personal training clients. I have been praying for my personal training to be blessed and so far it has to the fullest. Thank you Jesus. The college group just starting up, very exciting. Yesterday while spending time with God, he changed the direction on me. We are going to be eventually staring in Acts as oppossed to Corinthians. There were several reasons which I will eventually explain. If not on the blog, I will verbally to someone. But with that direction, it matches the communication of the vision better and that in itself puts me at peace because it will allow me to teach better.
I am also trying the popular body for life workout with meal plan included to see if the 6 set, upper body, lower body, and cardio routine will actually get my body bigger and more cut. Before my freshman year of college, I was doing a 10 to 12 set routine that put my body weight up to almost 180 lbs. Right now I weigh 165lbs.
I will let you know how it goes. It is for 12 weeks.

Prayers for today
-keep motivated
-continue to include God
-for the college group and married group
-for the vineyard church
-for the global church
-for work
-for the unity of the college group ministries
-church leaders