Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Joy of play

Today so far has been very fun and interesting. We had our weekend intensive today which consists of 8 + hours of lecture time. We were going over "systematic theology." But I will be honest, I could not focus for the life of me. First of all I was starting off with 5 hours of sleep, and second we started at 7am. For the entire 8 hours I was in and out of the lecture, I did learn some great things but I will have to go back and listen more closly at a later date. Anyway, I had a great time just playing in between my focused times. This was the first saturday that I could not just sit down, I felt so restless. So here is what I will call my "fun list".
This is what I did. (Mind that Robert was in on most of these)
-Pool, good old nine ball
-playing the guitar (only during breaks, so it really doesn't count)
-rolling around in the gym on a skateboard while shooting baskets
-rolling on the skateboard on my stomach while Robert tried to hit me with dodge balls.
-laughing at all of the goofy things Robert was doing

It was a good time

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday night prayer

I really enjoyed prayer tonight. We are getting together to pray for the college group, people involved in our lives and whatever else God places in our hearts. The biggest theme right now is again improving our relationship with God through his Spirit, so saying yes to His ways and no to the ways of this world. And it is really hard in our society to say no to the pleasures of the world. But I know it is possible to not be distracted and engage in communion with the Father through Jesus.
We had a chance to pray for somebody tonight who God really touched and it was neat to practice being guided by His spirit. It was an all over enjoyable night. This is why it is important to connect with some body of believers more than 1 a week. We need each other.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good old Friday night

Tonight once again went really well. God is really stirring us up as a group. Tonight we went over Acts 3, and the call to a deeper relationship keeps occuring. And the desire to do the works that Jesus did is increasing. To anyone who reads this, Christian or not, Christ can give us so much more than we could ever imagine, God can use us like we have never been used (for his Glory) and to defend God, Using us is a good thing because we are taken care of to the max when God uses us. For example like in tonights teaching. The healing of the Cripple at the Gate called beautiful in the Temple at Jerusalem. Peter was used to command the cripple to walk, and the cripple was used as a demonstration of Lords power. So in the cripple's case being used means becoming completely well again. That is not a bad deal.
Hearts were stirred tonight and that seems to be the theme these past several weeks, Lord I pray that this stirring will increase like wildfire. I pray that more people would get to know you for who you are and not just for who we say you are.
continue to do the things that you are going to do in our group. Continue to change us.