Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am blown away at how God takes care of us. I have been longing for a closer relationship with my Dad. What happens today? I was able to talk and pray with him for about an hour. I know that I need to seek our time together more. I found out that he receives the best through works, that is how his dad received love. It is kind of contrary to the message of grace, however there still is room to show him love that way. So today I blessed him by helping with the living room and the kitchen. We are getting ready to paint, and the place needed objects moved, the whole place needed to be dusted, the walls washed and the floor dust free. (mind you that our tile is taken out, causing more dust. It also brought my brother and I closer together today too which is not very surprising. I had a good time cleaning with him. After cleaning up, friends of ours show up with my sister and end up hanging out with us until I went to work.
I just wanted to thank you God for taking care of me.
I ask that you would continue to mold me into the man you want me to be.
Guide my dad and I's relationship together and with you. I pray for strength
for both of us and more of an ability to hear you, and especially to trust you.

I also want to pray for the ministries going on in the church, draw your people closer to you, bring a freshness of your word and your spirit into our lives. Help us to be kingdom seekers here on this earth. I pray for more of an intimacy to emerge in your people, and not just in our church, in our nation and worldwide. Wake us up father, change our hearts, help us turn from our own selfish desires and seek your guidance and direction. So that others might know and experience you more.
Specifically be with the college group and the married groups, I ask for deeper relationships with each other and you. Give us more compassion, love, time for you and for one another. Breed a generation of worshipers, a generation that genuinely seeks your face and that is powerfully guided by your spirit. Help us to rock our world, especially us who are young and full of zeal. Bring more zeal if not there, help us experience you Father. I pray that you would saturate our meetings, that your presence would guide us every step of the way, and that you would be effective through us. Bring your glory Lord, saturate us.
let it be.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I thought this was kind of artsy.

Just about to go to work

Just finished shopping for some t-shirts and to find the style of t's I want I have to fork over 60 bucks for them. ???? After something like that is done I have an empty feeling inside. Is that the way I want to live? Live for the next fad. And throw my money away for things like that? I don't think so, God has so much more for me. I like to dress up and look decent.

I ask that you would fill me up with your presence prior to my class at work.
I pray that I would be able to impact these 4 teens the next 6 weeks.
Bring peace and joy right now.
Take away my emptiness, refresh me father.

I love you so much and I praise you and all that you are.
You have provided so much and you have chosen to use somebody like me.
Thank you for including me and constantly challenging me.

I pray for all that I am involved with, guide and direct them. Bless them. Discipline them so that they are drawn closer to you.
let your will be done in our lives father,
bring us closer to you.