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No more sickness

I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. and several times I have said "enough is enough!!!" Spiritually I still haven't been very connected. That needs to change. Thanks to some good friends I have been encouraged to press on and to seek God. He is the only one who can deliver from bondage, from sickness from toil. I miss living the adventure of "life". I have tried to create my own adventure and to be honest I do a horrible job in making my life exciting. "ok, God I am ready to live your story" "but I need you to nararate" I think I am ready to start living a more full life again.

Yes Lord I agree with Andre. Father God let him commit himself anew to you and only you - and give him faith for whatever little (or big) things you put before him.

Father God make your spirit clear to him whether he is walking in the desert or on the mountain tops - let him feel your quiet presence with h im.

annd heal him from sickness.


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Andre! I was so happy to see and sing along with you. One of my favorite things about going to your house with Cela is getting to sing worship! And all of you good people of course. I'll be praying for God to show you whats next.

Love ya,

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