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Good morning

Greatful for the start of another day, woke up really
good today. I actually woke up to a soothing song, I
figured out how to set the CD player as an alarm. Very
nice, it inspired the title and first couople words
of another song.
I actually was able to write a poem/song about Beauty
yesterday. I've been encouraged lately in thes areas
which is great.

Things on my heart to keep in prayer

-getting closer to God
-home group
-family's healing
-guitar/singing improvement (creativity)

This is actually to your previous post. God is always in your praise. Sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself to sound good you get frustrated and miss that God is and always will be in your praise. He will give you his words when the time comes. Sometimes it feels like we are climbing steps and then have to walk a little longer to get to the next step. Don't worry about it too much just keep on focusing on him instead of your "sound". God Bless,
I'll be praying for you,

love you man.

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