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thank you for another wonderful early morning. I give you
my heart today. I ask for your spirit to come and fill me
up so that I can remain in you. I ask for your strength,
peace, comfort, stability, no matter what comes at me today.

Father the passages that come to mind are the end of Romans in
relation to the armor of God. Cover me father. Equip me.

I ask for a working attitude especially since we will be
really busy this morning. I pray for a servants attitude.
I ask that your love would overtake me right now. Reveal
what I should do today. Help me be your heart, mind, and words
to these people at work today. I ask that I would have an ear
for you. Sensitize me to the world that you see. Guide me father

I ask that you would be in my attitude, help me have a fighting
spirit. Against insecurity, anxiety, any type of sin. Replace these
things with your secure love, trust, and righteousness.

Lord I am your child and you have a plan for me today. Use me
I ask for peace no matter what comes my way.

People praying for:
1. Family- Lord bring healing to the family, spiritually and physically
2. People at work- God bring salvation to my co-workers, reveal yourself to them
3. Home group- Be with every single member of our group, be their encouragement, strength, bring healing to sickness, reveal more of your love and presence to them.
4. Leaders- Ask that our state and federal government/political leaders would make the right decisions. I ask that they would make decisions that are backed up by you. Protect our leaders from the influence of the enemy.
5. Our church-Lord continue to work through our church and other churches nationally. Help us to break away from our religious spirits. Help us to be guided by you. Thank you for the things you are doing at vineyard, continue to be with leadership there. Amen

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come visit on a monday night man.

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