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Ok I am not going to lie. This past week has not been the easiest. Spiritually there has not been a whole lot going on. It seems as if all I'm doing is soccer and school, and God is not the center. I know God is still with me but I am not running to him. It's because I am letting the stresses of school and soccer get to me. My response to this stress has not been to surrender.
But again I recognize this is going on and from this point its time to keep God in the center.

School is going pretty well. It still is very time consuming especially trying to tackle these sciences that involve (trig. and algebra) which I have not taken in like 6 years!!! This is a setback because I have to work extra hard to remember how to do the math of it yet alone the science. But I am not quitting (have done it in the recent past). There is an understanding now, and I am starting to enjoy studying. ;)

Soccer has been challenging as well. In highschool I struggled with confidence issues and it was very hard playing soccer with this mentality. I would play scared. Afraid to make a mistake, afraid to hurt a little making it hard to have fun.
I am in the middle of battling all of these fears again. It has been very good, but hard. But I am excited because I am not quitting and I see myself growing in this area as well.

God is so good at continuing to give us opportunities to become more mature. Going into this semester I knew I was going to be going through what I'm going through. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it most definitely is shaping my character. My prayer for next week is to

1. Connect intimately (Put God first above all)
2. Keep a servants heart (away from a selfish mentality)
3. Work hard (in school, soccer) persistence!!!
4. Keep praying for the youth (at Gilbert/of this world)
5. Connect with a couple youth next week. ( "B", "D", )