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Sick and Behind

There is nothing worse than being sick and getting behind. I had the privelage of getting the stomach flu and having to miss three days of life!!! Whenever I get sick I always think "why do we get sick!!??" It is never fun to be sick. I think something can be learned from being down and out though. I am learning that I need to run to him no matter how bad I feel. Over the course of my life I have fallen in the habit of watching a rediculous amount of t.v. when I am not feeling good. And every single stinking time I think I feel worse when I do. After a couple of days of being bored out of my mind I decided to turn the dirty thing off. Finally, I was able to rest and actually slept better. Go figure. But really though, God wants us no matter how we are feeling. I can respect that. :)

thank you Lord for your healing.