Saturday, January 20, 2007


Bm7 A G
Oh God oh God,
Bm7 A G
In a room filled with others, standing next to me

Bm7 A G
Oh God oh God,

Bm7 A G
some familiar others distant to the likings of me

But what hurts the most is standing in a known
crowd but not being noticed
It just breaks my heart
to be right there

but at the same time others are unaware

I show my face, but nobody sees me
I am erased by others close to my heart

Ideas: stepping in stepping out, like the tide, and noby stops
and sees the beauty that it is.

Ideas for this song came from a friend of mine while we
were hanging out.


out of place in a unfamiliar space with others
as comfortable as their home.

I tried to fit in but something just didn't
let me in, never settled as I go.

My heart tells me this,
this is nothing to miss,
emptiness, many cannot see.

to be continued....